College Change Agent Scales ‘Sustainability Project’ to 24 Countries

Chris Castro

College Change Agent Scales Scales Sustainability Project To 24 Countries

Chris Castro is the founder of Ideas For Us an international organization that scaled to 24 countries from it’s humble start as a ‘college project.’

A second generation Cuban- American Chris was raised on the farm his family purchased when they arrived and raised by his mentor, role model- his single mom.

Chris spent his formative years working outside, exploring the outdoors,  surfing and developing a love of nature.

In our Dear Rockstar conversation, the founder of Ideas For Us, shares how he stumbled upon sustainability,  and how one project transformed thousands of lives world wide.

Listen as Chris, now Sustainability Director for the city of Orlando, debunks the myth of sustainability and shares his story- a story of a millennial change agent…changing the world one idea at a time.


We begin our conversation with Chris sharing his early years and then navigating us through his un-declared years of college right up to a press conference that changed the course of his life. Chris shares how Ideas For Us started, as a project at UCF and how it scaled to  24 countries.

Along the way we cover topics as diverse as his definition of success, his spiritual practices, books and people who inspire him and what excites him right now in the sustainability movement. If like me you often feel overwhelmed by the word sustainability- listen up.

Chris has a fresh take on the word which includes not only environmental impact but also social inclusion and economic development.

Sustainable development. Sustainable startup. Sustainable living. And mostly Chris reminded me of the truth around a ‘sustainable’ life. A life where I am. I am who I am and my being and doing flow naturally even supernaturally from that.

If life feels unsustainable, stop, listen and consider who you are, why you are here #dearrockstar.

Resources Chris Castro Mentions In his Dear Rockstar Conversation

Ideas For Us : An environmental NPO/NGO committed to sustainability and doing good all over the world. Turning sustainable ideas into solutions.

Fleet Farming

Florida Green Chamber of Commerce

Citizens for Energy

Clean Energy 

Global Shapers Orlando 

Chris Castro’s (3) P’s- Passion, Patience & Persistence 


Our Favorite Chris Castro #dearrockstar quote


I think everybody has a role to play in making the world a better place quote


The #dearrockstar book of the week 

Re Inventing Fire: Bold Business Ideas For The New Energy Era


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Don’t miss the excerpt of Chris answering my question,

How did you – so early in life scale your impact to 24 countries?”



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