Education Change Maker Does School Different

Shydonna Tossie

Education Change Agent Shydonna Tossie 

As a child of a teacher, Shydonna Tossie had plenty of encounters with the education system and even experimented in classrooms before heading to college. She never expected this to be her primary focus in life, nor that she would one day be her own boss acting on the world stage as a change maker in the realm of education. Listen and learn how  Shydonna’s own “failure” through the standardized route of education led her to co-create Ampersand School and promise students around the world a chance to learn in their own unique way. School done different, is the motto of Shydonna and her team. A motto, we believe time has come.

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In this transparent and raw excerpt from our conversation Shydonna shares a time in her life she felt like quitting…quitting everything.

In this excerpt Shydonna shares how the death of one dream led her to becoming a non-traditional teacher and education innovator and change maker.

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