From ‘ Rock Bottom’ To Redefining Beauty & Starting Her Business

Ashley Marin

Young Female Entrepreneur Redefines Beauty 

Ashley Marin, founder of Marin Makeup shares  her story of struggling with double standards of beauty, identity and faith to create a business that is far more than aesthetics, in her Dear Rockstar conversation.

Ashley shares her real life journey, a story of drugs, rebellion and hitting ‘rock bottom.’ And the breakthroughs that helped her identify and understand the complex and healthy relationship one must have with beauty and one’s identity in order to thrive.

Learn how Ashley is choosing love over blame and regret, leveraging her past to fuel her passion and growing a business to help women discover true beauty within.

As a woman, I found myself nodding in agreement as Ashley shared her story, a story of using makeup as a mask, looking for attention in all the wrong places and hitting ‘rock bottom.’ BAM.

As she delved deeper into her story I sensed we share a common wound. How many times have I confused my value with what I looked like or what my body could accomplish in an athletic endeavor; race, workout or competition?

I can’t speak for men, I can’t even speak for other woman.. but I can tell you I’ve experienced moments of shame struggling to untangle ‘who I am’ from how I look and perform.

I myself, spent years addicted to bleach ( yes the kind that transforms you from a brunette to a bleach blonde) much in part because of my crazy idea of what I needed to look like to be ‘attractive.’ ( I’m not implying that just because I’m back to my natural hair color I’m anywhere fully healed on this identity-looks- performance thing.)

Maybe it’s the downside of the blessing of being female? But for me and just about every woman I know there’s been at least one and more likely hundreds of confusing messages and situations we’ve navigated in relation to our physical appearance and our identity.

Ashley’s courage to own her past inspires me to reflect on my journey in self love, acceptance and my definition of beauty.

Our conversation inspires me to continue to do the deep work of loving myself regardless of my performance or appearance.

It’s healthy to admit we’ve been conditioned by a world that admires outward beauty and seems to under value the inner beauty hidden inside of every human being. It’s our job to remind those we love, ourselves and those we serve and work with of their innate value and incredible worth- regardless of what they do or how they look.

The good news is with young women like Ashley taking off their masks it inspires all of us to take a good look at the masks we might be hiding behind.

You belong. You were created in love. And your value as a human being is not dependent on what you have, how ‘hot’ you are or how successful …

No your worth was secured the day God breathed life into your lungs and well the rest is icing on the cake. Love yourself. Love others and #dearrockstar and spread the word- beauty is as beauty does and inside all of us- beauty resides, it’s our job to ignite, fuel and celebrate it.

Here’s an excerpt I especially loved from Ashley’s favorite book, Captivating.

“Every woman in her heart of hearts longs for three things: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty.”

And based on Ashley’s comments about owning your yes and having a NO the book of the week is one of my personal favorites; Boundaries

Beauty is as beauty does


Ashley Marin Quotes…we love 

And because this conversation on beauty wouldn’t be complete without a quote that sums up the essence of my mom’s impact on my life.  A quote from Rosalie Hoelzle my #dearrockstarmother

Because beauty is more than what we see on the outside it's something inside of us all...

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Redefining beauty by starting her business Marin Makeup
Pam Hoelzle and Ashley Marin talking startup, beauty, small business and more dear rockstar conversation.

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