A Woman Turning Tragedy Into Purpose

Karen Millsap

How I Turned Tragedy Into Purpose And Started My Business, The Grief Consultant

The reason for her purpose, her WHY, her mission – began three years ago. Three years ago Karen Millsap’s husband was murdered.

In our Dear Rockstar conversation she shares her story. A story of becoming a young widow, a single mother overnight. A story of staying in bed all day to forcing herself to get up not give up. A story of grief and rebellion. A story of faith and inspiration.  With tears in her eyes and loss in her voice, Karen shares the raw moments of her journey in an effort to inspire each of us as we wrestle with our own losses.

Karen’s story is a reminder- we might not be able to control life but we are always free to choose- choose how we will respond, what we will choose to believe about what has happened and what our next move will be.

Karen Millsap– this week’s Dear Rockstar. Don’t miss this amazing young woman and the incredible venture that has risen from the ashes tragedy to bring healing to others.


In our conversation Karen shares

How she rebelled against tragedy

Her path to a new purpose

How She Started The Grief Consultant

Timeless wisdom about grief and loss

Thoughtson the non-linear nature of grief

The Books that inspire her

Man’s Search For Meaning

A Year Of Yes

A Force For Good: The Dali Lama’s Vision For Our World 

Think & Grow Rich

Jesus Calling 


Her Favorite Quotes 

“You can either give up or you can get up.”

“We have no control in this life, but we do have choice.”

“Grief, it’s hard. But it’s a choice. Everyday- am I going to workout or not, am I going to eat or not, That’s what it means to live thru grief.”


Contact Karen

across social @widowsatwork

online at The Grief Consultant


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As always- Keep Rocking your life and the lives of other’s #dearrockstar


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