Rising Above Poverty To Build A Million Dollar Business

Nekeya Nunn

Nekeya Nunn Rising Above Poverty To Start and Build A Business 

Rising above Poverty, Transcending Race, Love is Love and How She Started And Grew A Million Dollar Business

What I loved about this conversation with this week’s #dearrockstar Nekeya Nunn is Nekeya’s passion, faith and her stead fast commitment to her belief,

I can have it all and I can have it all now.

Nekeya Nunn is a powerful, black woman business owner- a woman of grit, a woman rising above poverty, a woman mentored by many. Listen as she shares how she started and built a successful labor relations consulting firm.


Nekeya begins her story by winding us through what life as a little girl in Dunnellon Florida was like. She shares the story of her third grade teacher- the teacher who taught her love was love and helped her open up to the possibilities that people who looked different than her could love her and be trusted.

During our conversation Nekeya shares the setbacks, heartbreaks and challenges she’s faced designing a life she believes in and loves. Starting a business is not easy but with passion, hard work and a commitment to serve employees and employers she’s making her mark on this world.

Nekeya Nunn is so real, so transparent, I can’t help but imagine she’ll inspire your soul the way she did mine. Yep, another #dearrockstar – rocking her life and rocking the lives of others…

We covered these topics in our time together:

The power of a mentor

Rising out of poverty 

Transcending Race:

So many great books on this but a few I love-  Just Mercy, Righting My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor- Tribes by Junger,

Women in Business

How She Started her business

Defining  Success on your own terms

The power of faith:

Love is Love

click to hear this excerpt on how Nekeya learned love is love…

When To Say No:

Nekeya goes into this notion of NO and overflow. We love this quote of her’s.

And if you need a good book on Boundaries- check this out 

Nekeya Nunn and Pam Hoelzle talking giving, saying no and

Another one of our favorite Nekeya Quotes…


Nekeya Nunn


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