Starting, Building And Becoming A Social Enterprise…

Ben Hoyer, Downtown Credo

A Social Entrepreneur Talks Social Enterprise, Becoming & More 

Frustrated with life I said, let me quit thinking about what job ought to do and think about about the person I want to become.” Ben Hoyer explains during our Dear Rockstar conversation.

Becoming… is a re-curring theme in Ben Hoyer, Executive Director of Social Enterprise Downtown Credo. Again and again during our time together Ben returns to the mantra, “Your quality if life is tied more to who you are becoming than what you have.”

And further more, “A life you like” Ben reminds, “begins with steps so small they seem silly.” Which seem to perfectly describe how Ben started his social enterprise. His first steps were to search Google for answers to ‘how to serve your community.” The results of the search led him to the door of a non-profit where Downtown Credo was born.

I get to decide. Who would I like to be? What kind of a person would I like to be?” Ben explains as he pulls the curtains back and invites us to understand the power we yield if only we will commit to deciding who we want to become, and then commit to designing lives and ventures that align with our Why.

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