Time In The Triangle Of Death Inspires Veteran To Start A Business

Franz Valencia

Team Leader 101st Airborne, Rakassan, Former Infantry, Veteran, Entrepreneur

Franz Valencia 

For over 10 years Franz Valencia played the game of life clicking pause and play on his home life and a life at war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout the time, he knew he was destined for something more.

Franz experienced the draws and the highs and was part of being in the most deployed, decorated platoon in the Armed services which also had some of the highest rates of suicide.

As a veteran, Franz headed his mother’s advice, “If you’re not content-do something about it.” Soon he and his battlefield comrades were hard at work to create a supplement, beverage to counter the rigors of war they’d experienced in the Sunni, Triangle of Death.  

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Franz Valencia, Veteran and Founder Enerzen

war and entrepreneurship quotes by veteran Franz Valencia

And more about Franz’s second tour in Iraq and the experience that led to the start of his veteran owned business 

Now it’s time to get over and support

Enerzen well being beverage. 

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