Young Poet, Entrepreneur, Doesn’t Believe In Failure

Sam Tarell

Millennial Spoken Word Poet, Entrepreneur Rejects Failure, Talks Success & Life On His Terms

“The only restrictions we have are those we put on ourselves, because good things don’t come to those that wait-good things come to those that act.

Sam Tarell is a young poet, entrepreneur who challenges the status quo.

Sam Tarell doesn’t believe in failure. And further more, he believes success is experienced moment by moment. And the definition of success is personal, each of us must define it on our own terms.   Raised by a single mom who owned her own business, Sam was inspired young to chart his own course and start things.  Growing up wasn’t always easy for Sam’s family. There were times of hunger and homelessness but mostly Sam remembers his mothers ability to navigate whatever life threw at her and all the love and community he and his siblings shared.

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Sam’s poem Statistics goes in. It goes in on what it felt like to be a kid who was hungry, homeless and what if felt like to watch everyone around them ignore their needs. What if felt to watch no one come to their help.   This poem brought me to tears and begs the question, “What am I doing to make sure no one I know, no one in my circle of influence ever feels like a statistic?”

I can do more. Can you? We must. We must be each other’s keeper’s we must learn how to be the loving neighbors we were created to be.

Our conversation includes the following topics:


Challenging the status quo

Scaling a model

working on rather than working in

spoken word


positive reinforcement in education


following your passion

Sam’s love for basketball led to him start Hoop Brothers. Hoop Brothers was originally a company that created highlight videos for college basketball players looking to play college ball. Now Sam is intent on growing into a national college basketball recruitment company. During our conversation he shares the lessons he’s learned in starting small and growing big …and bigger.

Again and again Sam comes back to the topic of  failure, in our conversation. If you’re struggling with fear, Sam would tell you, “Fear isn’t real”  Here’s more wisdom from Sam on failure.

And if you’d rather listen to him spit some poetry he’s his performance of FAILURE

A few of our Favorite Quotes From Sam’s Conversation 

Statistic, don't live an unauthentic life- Sam Tarell failure is what pushes us forward

The Book That Changed Sam’s Thinking 

Sam Tarell shares his favorite book, Rich Dad Poor Dad in his Dear Rockstar conversation

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